Custom Cakes
To order a custom cake choose from the selections below and call the location nearest you and place your order over the phone

Cake flavor             Buttercream             Filling            Masking + Decoration
Choose one   Choose one   Choose
One or Two
  Choose any that apply
chocolate chiffon    chocolate   chocolate mousse   feuilletine
 vanilla chiffon      lemon   raspberry mousse   toasted candied almonds
lemon chiffon     orange   passion fruit mousse   toasted coconut 
almond (gluten free)   citrus   strawberry mousse    chocolate curls
almond cakes are 2 layers with only one filling   hazelnut   cream cheese mousse   ganache candied citrus 
    coffee   lemon cream cheese mousse    fresh fruit 
    mocha   banana mousse   chocolate dipped strawberries
    pistachio   blood orange mousse   custom decorations also available for an additional charge
    raspberry   milk chocolate mousse    
    traditional    cappuccino mousse    
        white chocolate mousse    
        blackberry mousse    
        coconut mousse    
        irish cream mousse    
        vanilla pastry cream    
        chocolate pastry cream    
        hazelnut pastry cream    
        coffee pastry cream    
        lemon pastry cream    
        lime pastry cream    
        fresh fruit pastry cream    
        vanilla chiboust    
        pumpkin chiboust    
        cinnamon chiboust    
        diplomat cream    

Composed Cakes 
Choose from our chef selection of composed cakes. 
c'est simple! 

Chocolate Raspberry           Fraise            Lemon Raspberry
chocolate chiffon   vanilla chiffon   lemon chiffon
chambord simple syrup   gran marnier simple syrup   chambord simple syrup 
raspberry mousse   pastry cream with fresh strawberry pieces   raspberry mousse
chocolate buttercream   traditional buttercream   lemon buttercream
chocolate ganache    toasted candied almonds   raspberries
raspberries    topped with glazed strawberries   feuilletine
chocolate curls        
Pricing & Serving Sizes

6” round $30.95 ($32.89 with ganache) serves 6-8   
8” round $38.95 ($44.89 with ganache) serves 8-12
10” round  $65.95 ($75.89 with ganache) serves 12-18     
1/4 sheet $75.95 ($85.89 with ganache) serves 16-22      
 1/2 sheet $125.95 ($135.89 with ganache) serves 30-40

NoDa 704-376-1781 ext. 1 Uptown 704-899-0088 ext. 1
Carmel Commons 704-376-1782 ext. 1 Rock Hill 803-403-9409 ext. 1
Atlanta 404-921-0276 ext. 1  


Please keep in mind that our cakes (excluding tiered Wedding Cakes) are not available for delivery. All orders under $100 must go through the Amélie's location nearest you. 
For Wedding Cakes please contact our Specialty Cake Director Summer Williams at