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a baker backstory: Amber

1. What inspired you to become a baker?

A: Spending time with my Mom in the kitchen. We were always experimenting in the kitchen and I just absolutely loved it.

2. What is your ultimate dream job?

A: Running my own bakery for sure.

3. What is your favorite dessert that you've ever had? Something that really makes your heart sing...

A: ooohh.. has to be Lemon Meringue. That's a dessert that has "all the elements" as they taught us in school. There's nothing quite like the sour citrus and the sweet with the crunch. 

(I concur.)

4. What is one of your favorite cakes you've ever worked on?

A. I actually really love the one I'm working on right now. It's a blackberry mousse and vanilla chiffon.. then I'm going to drizzle white chocolate around the sides.. 

5. what do you like about working here at Amélie's?

A. We have a lot of new people and I really like helping them get aquainted and learning new skills. It's fun to watch them grow!

6. Are there any recipes you find intimidating?

A. Hmmm... I feel pretty good about everything.. even macarons... but I'd have to say Danish dough. It can be a bit tricky.

7. If a baker was a type of animal, would would they be and why?


A: This is probably cliche but I would say bakers are like cats. We seem nice and sweet on the outside (I mean of course we are because we make desserts) but we are feisty too! We like to have fun and be playful but we also like doing things our own way, we also eat up attention like when we get compliments on our products..I mean we don't sweat so hard to make ugly desserts.  


8. Mountains, desert or ocean? And why?


A: Mountains! There is something about being in the mountains that nothing else compares. Plus I really love exploring and going on nature walks! I use to live up in Boone for a short period of time and even though I hated every inch of snow I really do miss the scenery and all the fun activities you can do when the weather is beautiful.


9. Any advice you'd like to give customers before coming to Amélie's?


A: Don't feel overwhelmed! The menu is long (along with the line at times) but don't let that scare you. We have a lot of stuff so tell someone what your favorite flavors are and we probably have it somewhere in the case!

|  Thank you so much Amber for participating in this months backstory!  |